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Will You Please Pray?


Thank you so much for your prayers! Our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and acts. 

Matthew 7:7-9 

Multumesc (thank you)!

Prayer Requests

God's Will and Glory

Please pray that God's will be done and that He receives all of the glory for the work that is done in the lives of the children and families. Thank you for your prayers that we would be dependent on and trust God to provide all that we need to help them. Please pray that God puts Romania's children on many hearts and that they are compelled to join us in helping and sharing the Gospel with them.

The Gospel

Please pray that hearts in Romania would be open to the Gospel. Romania has a predominantly Eastern Orthodox culture, which is works-based, without a dependence on the saving grace of Jesus and the need for repentance. 

Direction and Preparation

Please pray that God would prepare me for what He has for me in Romania and that I would be equipped in all ways, but especially spiritually. Thank you for your prayers for wisdom as I prepare to move, provision of housing in Brasov, grace to quickly become fluent in Romanian, wisdom for developing a therapy program for Firm Foundations Romania, and continued direction once I arrive.

Children Living in Orphanage

Please pray for the grace and open doors to return to visit the children in the orphanage and that other Christians in Romania would be led to share Christ's love with them by visiting them as well. Please pray that the orphanage workers would grow in compassion and care for the children and spend more time with them and treat them well. Thank you for praying for God's peace, comfort, and saving knowledge for the children.

Roma Families in Budila

Please pray for these families who face extreme poverty, abuse, and prejudice. Will you please pray that they will send their children to Firm Foundations Romania's after school programs so that they can hear the Gospel and that they would receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please pray for the salvation of the parents and for their changed lives through Christ as well. I need prayers for wisdom about how to incorporate the Gospel into the therapy work that I will be doing. Thank you for praying that God will send the kids who need my services to us.

Firm Foundations Romania

Will you please pray for Firm Foundations Romania? They are nearing the end of construction on their new Agape Center and are working on the surrounding land, in addition to starting a new teen program and creating avenues for me to start my program. Please pray for wisdom in the decisions that they need to make, energy and vision to do what God is calling them to, and that they will be dependent on God, with eyes fixed on Him and doing His will. 

Updated on 7/10/22

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