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***Originally sent as an email newsletter on May 17, 2022

Hello Friends, Wow, it has been awhile, hasn't it?! I pray that you are doing well! I have exciting news but first, here is a quick update regarding what I've been up to the past year and a half. In October 2020, I moved back to the Denver area and resumed my former job at Jeffco Public Schools in the Evergreen area. It was a blessing to get to reconnect with friends and colleagues there and to work with the same amazing kids that I have known for awhile. At the end of the school year though, I decided that I wanted to learn more about clinic-based therapy and to be able to address children's developmental needs holistically. In June 2021, I took a position at a small Speech and Occupational Therapy clinic 10 minutes from my home, and I have been there since. Working there has been a wonderful learning experience, I have great colleagues, and I've been blessed to get to work with some fabulous kids and their parents there.

Although the children of Romania have remained on my heart and I have been in contact with organizations in Romania since leaving, there were no clear opportunities over the past 2 years to return or to do remote work - until now. A few weeks ago, I checked the flight prices again and, although round-trip tickets are often well over $1,000, I found that there were 3 random days in May where the prices were around $700! After learning that all COVID restrictions had been lifted in Romania a week or two before, I reached out to one of my contacts who encouraged me to 'come on out.' It appeared that God was leading me to return so, a few days later, following more prayer and checking in with other friends in Brasov, I booked my ticket for a 2-week vision trip for May 18 - June 2. I couldn't be more thrilled! While I am there, I am excited to have the opportunity to reconnect with Fundatia Rafael, meet with other orphan-care organizations, spend time with friends, and get together with a couple pastors involved with evangelism and disability care in Brasov. My goals for the trip include learning more about the organizations there and sharing with them what I do as an Occupational Therapist to see if partnering together is what God has for us, discussing my potential roles there, learning how to best use Occupational Therapy to advance the Gospel in Romania and what training I need in order to do so, and gathering information about how to prepare to move back, if that is what God's will. Thank you very much for all of your continued prayers and encouragement during these years of uncertainty. They have been used by God to help me to not give up praying for and seeking His will regarding the ministry that He has placed on my heart. I know that God has used them to prepare me for what he has next as well. I am so very grateful for you all!

Praise God that He has lifted all COVID restrictions in Romania, provided reasonably priced flights, made new connections for me, provided financial support for this trip from contributions that were given over the past 2 years and held in reserve, and opened doors to return for this vision trip! He is so faithful!! Prayer requests:

  • Insightful and mutually encouraging meetings with the pastors and new and old organizations

  • Wisdom about God's will for me regarding ministry in Romania

  • Connections for and insights about preparing to move back, if that is how God leads

  • Opportunities to minister and share the Gospel while there, as God directs, even though it is a primarily a vision trip

  • The ability to regain the Romanian that I learned before and to continue to learn more

  • Focused time with the Lord seeking His will through the Word and prayer

  • Time well spent, for God's glory

  • Financial provision for whatever God may call me to do

  • Safe travels

Thank you very much! Your support, prayers, and encouragement mean the world to me. With love,

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